Why should you consider using MI

Why should you consider using Motivational Interviewing (MI)? Here are some of the reasons people have expressed:

- MI is evidence based. (MI is included in NREPP)

- MI is useful in many cultures and settings.

- It is relatively easy to learn the basics and get started with MI.

- The approach [spirit and principles] and the skills used in MI are clearly described.

- MI gives you many opportunities to train and improve your counseling skills [skills].

- You can take part of an international network. [MINT]

- MI includes its own quality assurance system with the use of coding [Coding]

- MI reduces the risk of doing harm by avoiding confrontation or unnecessary advice-giving. [traps]

- Using MI could reduce stress at work.

- MI increases the chance of a good relationship without having to compromise on your professional tasks.

- MI helps you be helpful to the big number of clients who have not yet decided if they should make a change.

- MI makes your work more fun.

- MI helps you find out/explore your clients/patients perspective on the situation.

- MI is well suited for integration with other clinical approaches.

- MI could help reduce your no-show and drop-out rates.


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