Closing Skills

Closing Skills: Consolidating Commitment

'''Common Content'''

The following content points would normally be covered when introducing this skill.
Differentiating commitment language from preparatory change talk
Eliciting commitment language
Strength of commitment language – recognizing lower-strength commitment (from MISC)

5: I guarantee, I will, I promise, I vow, I shall, I give my word, I assure, I dedicate myself, I know

4: I am devoted to, I pledge to, I agree to, I am prepared to, I intend to, I am ready to

3: I look forward to, I consent to, I plan to, I resolve to, I expect to´, I concede to, I declare my intention to

2: I favor, I endorse, I believe, I accept, I volunteer, I aim, I aspire, I propose, I am predisposed, I anticipate, I predict, I presume

1: I mean to, I foresee, I envisage, I assume, I bet, I hope to, I will risk, I will try, I think I will, I suppose I will, I imagine I will, I suspect I will, I contemplate, I guess I will, I wager, I will see (about)


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