Learning the Spirit

'''Learning the Spirit'''

Common Content

Each of the eight sections in Part B begins with some common points of content that are important basics to cover in addressing each of the eight tasks. The content is not explained in detail here, and should be thoroughly familiar to an MI trainer.

Here are some points that are normally included in an introduction to the method and spirit of motivational interviewing:
Ambivalence as a normal step toward change (in the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transtheoretical_model transtheoretical model of change], this is the contemplation stage): People can remain stuck in ambivalence for a long time.
Purpose of MI: For the specific purpose of helping people to move toward change by working through ambivalence.
Definition of MI: A person-centered, goal-directed counseling method for helping people to change by working through ambivalence.
The helper’s righting reflex, and its predictable effect when talking with an ambivalent person: Problems with persuasion and confrontation.
A continuum of styles: Directing - - - Guiding - - - Following
Three aspects of the underlying spirit of MI: Collaboration, Evocation, Autonomy Support
Four principles of MI: Empathy, Discrepancy, Resistance, Self-Efficacy
Two phases of MI.


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