Mining for Affirmations

'''Abstract''': Trainees identify client strengths, develop open questions to elicit this information and practice creating affirmations based on these strengths

'''Overview''': This is done as a large group elicitation activity and then the group is broken down into smaller groups, before returning to the large group.

'''Guidelines''': Leader asks the group to identify strengths that their clients bring to their practice.
Record these on the board. Try to elicit at least 20. Make sure these are stated positively. Write these so these can be divided into four groups.
Once you’ve elicited 20 strengths, divide the audience into four groups. Assign a set of 5 strengths and ask them to identify an open question to elicit this strength and an affirmation you might offer in response to this strength. Have them write these down.
After one group finishes, wrap the exercise up. Then elicit examples of each from the group.

'''Example''': All of our clients experience difficulties in their life; if they did not, they wouldn’t be here seeing us. They also have considerable strengths as well. What sorts of strengths do your client’s bring to the process?
What do they do to survive or thrive in difficult situations?

'''Notes''': Some areas will be difficult to develop questions for. Acknowledge this is the case and ask the rest of the group for ideas.

Thanks to: David Rosengren


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