MIWiki Beta 0.6

This is the fist page of the test MIWiki

There is a MI tradition to share both ideas and material among the MI community. MIWiki is an effort to document this sharing in a more systematic and accessible way.

Create your own account to get the site menus in your own language. The content is not translated automatically. All content is instead categorized by language and type.

Get your own account to MIWiki in the right column. If you are a MINT member you should apply for MINT access.

MINT members could freely add content to MIWiki. The contributors name will automatically appear with a link to your personal presentation. If the material originally is written by someone else. Make sure it is not copyrighted and make a note in the end of the original source.

Add a text of your own, write a review of a book/article or make summary of a meeting or discussion on a mailing list.

Other users could comment the material, suggest changes or add your own experience. If you are not a MINT member, but want to write an article on MIWiki you can contact magnus@motiverandesamtal.org

Another way to contribute is to translate or localize a page on any given subject. You could make a translation and try to be as faithful as possible to the original page, or you could write another text on the same subject in your own languages.

When you write something in MIWiki you will be asked to classify your content in two different ways.
Language: Which primary language your text is in.
Members: Who can read your text.